Fat free. Premium farm raised black tiger shrimp. Peeled & deveined. Individually quick frozen. All natural. Ready to eat. Eating right, eating light, eat shrimp. SeaMazz Black Tiger Shrimp is a delicious addition to a healthy diet. Farm-raised for lean, firm flesh, and mild flavor, totally free of saturated fat and a significant source of protein and minerals. It is saturated fat that raises your cholesterol level. Ounce for ounce, SeaMazz shrimp provides important nutrients, for fewer calories than either chicken, turkey or beef. Choose SeaMazz Black Tiger Shrimp - whenever you want to eat well and still eat right. The Mazzetta Company believes the preservation of our environmental is everyone's responsibility. Our shrimp is farm-raised and harvested without endangering the habitat of the sea turtle or any other marine animal. SeaMazz Black Tiger Shrimp is individually quick frozen at the peak of freshness, then packed for safety, following U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines.