Naturally low in fat. See back panel for nutrition information. Established 1912. Responsibly sourced. Wild caught. No additives or preservatives. Individually quick frozen. Skinless and boneless. Easy to prepare. Used in most famous fish sandwiches. Caught in the icy cold Alaskan waters, filleted and frozen at their peak of freshness, Wholey brings to you these delicious, boneless and skinless Pollock Fillets. With their delicate flavor, light color and firm, flaky texture, these Pollock Fillets are very versatile, adapting to many of your favorite recipes and blending well with a variety of spices, herbs & sauces. 100% usable with no waste, these pollock fillets are easy and convenient to prepare. They thaw quickly at room temperature, or can be cooked from frozen with excellent results! With taste and nutrition like this, Wholey's pollock fillets are today's perfect seafood dish! www.wholeyseafood.com. Resealable bag. Recyclable. HACCP System Enforced: Our plant as well as our product is in strict compliance with all HACCP regulations. Product of China.