Made with organic ingredients. Cookies with a cause. Chock full of rich dark chocolate chips. (50% More chips than the original recipe.) Scratch baked using organic ingredients (better for you & the planet). No transfats, GMOs or other funky stuff. This cookie is where it all started. We used to make pancake-sized versions of these in our old restaurant. Then, one day, in a flash of inspiration (and because we couldn't seem to make enough), we dedicated to package them (shrunken down of course). Chock full of chocolate chunks, creamy, butter, and maple-y brown sugar. Chocobilly's should be enjoyed (in the classic tradition of all great cookies) with a big bowl of ice cream or with a tall glass of milk. More ways to enjoy! Try blending Chocobilly's into your favorite milkshake concoctions (add towards the end for a super chunky experience). Soul-cially responsible goodness. Our company: Back in 1995, I started Immaculate in my garage with big dreams and a few simple goals: to create top-quality baked goods with fun and unique combinations, to celebrate the creativity of folk art and to somehow give back. And while our company continues to evolve, our original passion and philosophy remain the same: bake well, be creative, have fun and give back. Thanks to folks like you, we're doing just that. So eat up, enjoy the folk art and let us know what you think. So, what's the cause, you ask? Simply put, Immaculate supports, nurtures and celebrates creativity. We do that not only as the primary supporters of the Folk Artist's Foundation, but also through our Soul Food Fund which provides for enrichment programs such as art outreach events and workshops that pair folk artists with kids both young and old. Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).