Manischewitz Noodle Style Pasta, Yolk Free, Gluten Free, Medium

All natural. No cholesterol. Low sodium. Healthy body. Healthy spirit. L'chaim to life! Kosher for passover & year round. Certified gluten-free. Quality since 1888. Good news! Oodles and oodles of noodles all year long. The Manischewitz family knows you love noodles because they're quick and easy to prepare and are delicious. Whether you're sensitive to wheat or not, we're sure you will enjoy this great tasting line of gluten-free noodles. You can enjoy these noodles during Passover too - yes, Passover! Our exciting line of gluten free noodles are great as an entree, a side dish, or for a real treat, try our recipe on this package. Enjoy! Product of Israel. Made in Israel.