Barilla Egg Angel Hair

Enriched egg pasta. Italy's number 1 pasta. Barilla Pasta always al dente. Always perfect. In Italy, Barilla stands for pasta made perfect. Where pasta is concerned, Barilla is as close to culinary perfection as you will find. Since 1877, Barilla has pursued perfection by selecting only the finest varieties of durum wheat to blend into the family recipe. Out superior quality blend provides the right texture for perfect eating enjoyment by the whole family. Why does Barilla egg pasta taste so good? The difference is fresh eggs. Barilla makes all of its egg pasta with fresh eggs, capturing the tradition of authentic Italian, homemade egg pasta. That is why our egg pasta has that rich golden color and delicious taste. Fresh eggs, combined with our select durum wheat, allow our pasta to always be perfectly al dente, firm, yet tender with a wholesome texture and fulfilling taste. These qualities are what set Barilla apart from other pastas to offer you mouthwatering eating enjoyment every time.