Edge Ultimate Achiever Shave Gel, 6 in 1

Edge Ultimate Achiever™ Shave Gel. New. 6 in 1. 1. Cleanse. 2. Moisturize. 3. Protect. 4. Soothe. 5. Soften. 6. Scent. Experience the Ultimate. Max results.... Minimum effort! Edge Ultimate Achiever™ Performance Enhancing Shave Gel provides a smooth, comfortable shave with the added benefit of extra clean skin and twice the soothing aloe* in one easy step. Drenched with clean, invigorating scents this moisture rich gel is sure to intensify your shave and satisfy whomever may come your way. *Than 7 ounce Edge® Sensitive Skin Formula. Please recycle when empty. Questions Comments 1-800-SHAVERS. edgeshave.com. ©2012 Energizer. Edge, and other marks are trademarks of Energizer or its affiliates.