Desert Essence Aroma Essence Relaxation Massage & Body Oil

Relax with Essential Oils of tangerine and chamomile. Aroma Essence essential oils are refreshing, fragrant plant extracts which can have an uplifting effect on your state of mind and body. These essential oils chosen for Desert Essence Relaxation Massage and Body Oil can be massaged in to the body to help ease tension and quiet your mind. This special blend of fresh vegetable and essential oils will leave your skin feeling silky smooth when used for massage, in the bath or as a moisturizer. Aroma Essence Relaxation Massage and Body Oil and all Desert Essence formulas are animal and eco-friendly. Moreover, Desert Essence formulas are pH balanced and skin friendly and contain essential oils, pure plant and botanical extracts with natural fragrances to provide you with consistent performance you can depend on. The Aroma Essence icon surrounds the seed of life with five floral petals symbolizing the five senses. This Desert Essence design is an interpretation of the American Indian symbol for aromatic inspiration, sensual desire and sensitivity. No animal ingredients or testing. No alcohol, artificial detergents, color or synthetic perfumes. 100% Vegan. Made in the U.S.A.