Vitamins & Electrolytes. The power to protect. With other natural flavors. Enhanced with Antioxidants - vitamins A &E; Vitamin C and Electrolytes. Tropical Mango: The power to Protect. You need a body guard. OK, maybe you don't need a burly stranger with mirrored sunglasses and an earpiece, but that doesn't mean your body doesn't need to be guarded against nasty microscopic troublemakers like free radicals. So we enlisted antioxidant Vitamins A, E & a complete dose of Vitamin C to fortify our pure waters. This way, while you're casually enjoying the gentle flavors of Mango, Melon and Peach, they'll be watching your back, your front and, well, everything in between. Made from the best stuff on earth. Each bottle contains 315 mg of protective antioxidants (as tea polyphenols, Vitamin A and E to help protect your body's cells from free radical damage; and Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system).