Butternut Bread, Enriched, Large

Excellent source of calcium. Calcium fortified enriched bread. Contains 15% more daily value of calcium than enriched bread. Pledge of quality since 1902. We at the Butternut Bakery are dedicated to providing you with the freshest, most delicious breads possible. Only the finest ingredients are used for soft, premium quality. We care about quality because we care about you. Today's Butternut Bread remains an important and nutritious part of your family's diet. Butternut has many valuable vitamins and minerals, including: folic acid; thiamine; iron; niacin; calcium. As always, thank you for including Butternut Bread as part of your family's healthy diet. A 26 g serving of enriched bread contains 21 mg of calcium; Butternut calcium fortified enriched bread contains 104 mg of calcium. BCTGM - Union Made Bakery Confectionary Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers. AFL-CIO CLC.