The Better Chip Chips, Whole Grain, Sweet Corn

Be Creative with Your SnacksNo more boring chips & dips! These whole grain chips are made with fresh cut sweet corn kernels right off the cob, making them a universal crowd pleaser and perfect for your creative food pairings (and they are delicious straight from the bag, too). Here are some great pairing ideas to get you started!• Black Bean Salsa• Fresh Pico de Gallo• Eggplant Dip Farm Fresh for Real FlavorThese whole grain chips are made with straight-from-the-farm, fresh sweet corn kernels for a difference you can taste. Enjoy them right out of the bag or pair them with black bean salsa or fresh pico de gallo. The sweet corn kernels we cut off the cob and blend into each chip go from farm to chip within a week. Simple IngredientsReal flavor from simple ingredients you can see and taste. No flavor dust or taste bud trickery here. Discover Something New