Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser All Purpose Household Cleaning Pads Kit 2 ct Pack

Get a handle on big messes with this multipurpose cleaner. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Handy-Grip gives you better leverage so you can tackle large messes with less effort. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Handy-Grip lets you use the entire pad with every swipe, which means you’re using the maximum amount of power as you tackle your kitchen, bathroom, tiles, tough stains and a variety of surfaces. And with handy refill pads available for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Handy-Grip, you’ll be ready to tackle big jobs quickly and easily. This powerful cleaning eraser has great leverage for larger cleaning jobs Removes more grime per swipe than the leading all-purpose bleach spray cleaner Easy grip, flexible handle for getting into corners and around curves.; Looks like a sponge, cleans like magic Contains micro scrubbers for tough cleaning; Great for refrigerators, countertops, stovetops, patio tables and walls.