Big Papas Barbecue Sauce, Fire Inside

No added preservatives. Gluten free. A saucy tale. Once upon a time a long time ago. a construction worker met a beautiful self proclaimed princess. The construction worker happened to be a very good cook. So naturally, they fell In love! One day the princess came home and he said, Hey honey, I have this great recipe for barbecue sauce I could make tonight. The princess replied, Don't bother. I really don't like barbecue sauce! Well, fortunately the construction worker never listens to the princess! He made the sauce anyway and whaddya know? The princess loved the sauce! In fact, she couldn't stop eating it. Neither could anyone else. A short time later we proudly presented our firstborn Big Papa's Original to the consumer market and began entering competitions. A couple of years later we gave birth to Sweet Heaven and Fire Inside. We are proud to boast That Original and Sweet Heaven have won many competitions, including 1st Place in the American Royal World Championship! The granddaddy of all competitions. All barbecue enthusiasts can now live Happily ever after!