Morning Start breakfast cereal. Crunch Almond Crisp, natural & artificial flavors. Rich in fiber; no trans fats; rich in folic acid. The original low-carb lifestyle. 3 g net carbs. At Atkins, we take good health very seriously. That's why controlled-carbohydrate nutritional science underlies the development of every product we bring you. A hearty and healthful way to enjoy a satisfying breakfast or crunchy snack. Rich in fiber: aids in controlling your appetite and keeps your metabolism going. Rich in protein: helps build lean muscle and satisfies your appetite. Soy protein: made with 8 g of heart-healthy soy protein per serving. Rich in folic acid: a key ingredient for women. This product is not appropriate for the induction phase (phase 1) of the Atkins Nutritional Approach. For those controlling carbs, count only 3 g of the 10 g of the total carbs in this product. Subtract dietary fiber (7 g) which has a minimal impact on blood sugar. Milk & cream impact net carbs Milk and other dairy products contain naturally occurring sugars which add grams of net carbs to your serving of cereal. Here's how: 1 cup 2% milk contains 13 g net carbs. Whole milk contains 12 g net carbs. Half & Half contains 10 g net carbs. Heavy cream contains 7 g net carbs. You can trust Atkins: made with the highest quality ingredients to bring you and your family the best value and best taste. Rich in key ingredients, Atkins Morning Start Breakfast Cereals will fuel your morning with rich fiber, soy protein and hearty taste to keep you going!