WestSoy Rice Beverage, Vanilla

Enriched. Low fat. With vitamins A, D and calcium. Lactose & dairy free. Easy pour, reclosable spout! It's time you tried WestSoy Rice Beverage! Exploring beverage alternatives? Don't skip our delicious WestSoy Rice Beverage or you'll miss out on a refreshing, nutritious drink you're sure to love! It tastes so good, and it's enriched with calcium and vitamins A and D. Use it in your favorite recipes! Just try whipping up a smoothie or mashed potatoes with our versatile rice beverage, or pour it over a hearty bowl of whole grain cereal. Of course, nothing beats a tall cold glassful any time of the day for a quick pick-me-up! WestSoy Rice Beverage is: An excellent source of calcium and vitamin D; a good source of vitamin A and phosphorus; lactose & dairy free; a cholesterol free food; low in sodium. Get the calcium you need! As part of a balanced diet, WestSoy Rice Beverage is a good source of calcium that can help build strong bones and teeth. Adequate calcium in a healthful diet is important for teen, young adult and post menopausal women.