Folgers Gourmet Selections® Sugar Cookie Coffee K-Cup Packs 12 ct Box

Artificially flavored. Brew a cup of morning indulgence with our smooth-bodied, gourmet coffee, accented with sweet notes of freshly baked sugar cookie flavor. Enjoy the trusted taste of Folgers®. The indulgent flavors and roasts from Folgers Gourmet Selections® are served in convenient Keurig® K-Cup® packs. Take a break with our carefully crafted roasts by brewing an individual, gourmet-inspired cup of coffee that is all Folgers--sip after sip. Keurig Brewed® is our promise. Since the beginning, we've been dedicated to the art and science of bringing you the coffee you love, every time. Always look for the Keurig Brewed® seal. Keurig Brewed®. The only mark of genuine Keurig quality. For Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing Systems Not for Keurig® Vue® Brewing Systems For Use in All Keurig® K-Cup® Brewers; 100% Arabica Coffee Kosher